For beginners
Design Basics
27 Jan—17 Mar 2021
Get familiar with the foundations of visual communication, uncover the mysteries of the creative process, and become confident in implementing your ideas.
with Miha Artnak
Creative director @ Ljudje
8 workshops
Wednesdays 19h-21h CET
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About this workshop
In this workshop, you’ll gain a solid understanding of what visual communication is all about and how you can apply it in your practice. You’ll learn the foundations of visual communication through practical examples and exercises.

Miha will introduce you to the basic principles of illustration, logo and typography, that will enable you to grasp the possibilities of visual communication and help you navigate your practice. 
At the same time, you’ll learn how to collaborate in a design team, experience the creative process from start to finish and find out what working for a client actually looks like. In the end, you’ll be fully equipped to take your design career to the next level with the added benefit of showcasing fresh new material in your portfolio.
What you get
A special gift at the end of the workshop:
a high-quality A2 print of your work
4 × Lectures
6 × Assignments
7 × Exercises
1 × Project
Project-based Learning
Vector Graphic Exercises in Figma
Detailed Feedback on All 6 Assignments
Portfolio Review
Certificate of Completion
What you'll use
Google Meet
We got your back
Before we start, you’ll receive an email with all the information and the necessary links.
Workshop content
Week 1
The history of visual communication
Collaborative exercise: Composition
Gestalt principles
Collaborative exercise: Collage
Week 2
Assignment review
Illustration: a quick overview
Exercise: Collage
Exercise: Tracing
Exercise: Drawing
Week 3
Assignment review
Logo & Symbols: a quick overview
Exercise: Illustration abstraction
Exercise: Sketching a logo
Week 4
Assignment review
Types of letters: a quick overview
Exercise: Typography
Exercise: Logotype
Week 5
Assignment review
Client Meeting: The Brief
Ideation phase
Week 6
Concept review
Week 7
Final project review
Week 8
Portfolio review
This workshop is definitely for you if:
You’re applying to a design academy and have to pass an entrance exam or build a nice portfolio.
You are a startup founder that wants to learn design basics to better present your product or service.
You’re a product design, fashion or architecture student and want to gain graphic design skills to showcase your work.
You’re a graphic design student who wants to gain more hands-on experience and get insights from someone working in the industry.
You’re a junior graphic designer and want to get a better understanding of design thinking, conceptual design and creative approaches.
The Expert
Miha Artnak
Designer, creative director, illustrator, and artist known for his strong conceptual approach to design with more than 15 years of experience working in the creative industry. Miha is the co-founder and CEO of the Ljudje strategic design studio. He’s a recipient of numerous awards and recognitions in the field of design, including three Brumen Grand Prix honouring the best design work in Slovenia.
Miha's work
Join this workshop
Design Basics
27 Jan—17 Mar 2021
with Miha Artnak
Founder @ wwworkshop
8 workshops
Every Wednesday 19h-21h CET
This workshop is
part of a series
Next workshop with Miha Artnak: Identity (coming soon).
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What our students say about us
I was impressed by Miha’s mentorship. He isn’t only a helpful and generous design teacher but also an amazing person willing to share real-life insights with his students. At Wwworkshop I broadened my teamwork skills, which turned out to be very useful for my studies andmy future in general.

—Liza, 22
The best part of Wwworkshop was the chance to get insights about the profession from a design expert. Teamwork taught me new ways of approaching the problem by observing other peoples’ thought processes about the task at hand.

—Andraž, 25
Design Basics prepared me for the entrance exam at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design. I got a chance to meet a lot of cool people and grow my circle of design friends.

—Hana, 20
At Design Basics I learned how to approach the design process, which used to be intuitional for me. Now I’m finally able to grapple with different project phases.

—Ana, 25
At Wwworkshop I worked through my fear of sharing my ideas and participating in the work process. I learned how to accept as well as provide constructive feedback on projects and saw how much that acknowledgment can improve the end result.

—Maja, 23