Brand with Charisma
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Learn how to create a comprehensive brand strategy that utilizes all methods of communication to boost brand recognition in a crowded market.
with Vladimir Mićković
Brand consultant @ Ljudje
8 workshops
Wednesdays 19h-21h CET
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About this workshop
Why do some brands have an aura of success from the first moment of appearance? What makes brands stand out? What does it take for a brand to be authentic? Or iconic? Of funny? Is there a way to systematically infuse brands with charisma and become a distinctive player on the market? In this course, you’ll learn how to create a comprehensive brand strategy that utilises all methods of communication in order to make your brand stand out in a competitive market.
We’ll look into the algorithms behind humour, charisma, courage, warmth and learn how to use them to enchant a community and command attention. Vladimir will guide you through the workshop by focusing on your challenge and provide you with handy tips and tricks stemming from real-life experience. In eight weeks you’ll learn what it takes to build a brand with charisma.
The Expert
Vladimir Mićković
Designer, writer & brand consultant with 10+ years of international experience in identity design & development and a co-founder of Ljudje, a strategic design studio. With his trademark “chameleon” approach, he’s helped brands in many industries - from cancer research to food - find their voice, reach their audience and flourish creatively. His work has received several Gold awards & Brand of the year titles at the Slovenian Advertising festival as well as a Brumen Grand Prix honouring the best design work in Slovenia.
Vladimir's work
What our students say about this workshop
Tamara Lašič Jurković
“Kaj naj rečem... mega delavnica,kapo dol!”
“Kaj naj rečem... mega delavnica,
kapo dol!”
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