About us
We believe online education should facilitate two-way learning and motivate students to complete courses.

Our workshops provide hands-on collaborative learning under the supervision of experienced creatives. Either you’re at the very beginning of your creative path or you’re already an established designer, we’re here to equip you with new skills and expertise for your future career.
Wwworkshop is an online learning platform that features experienced tutors from a range of creative fields who share their skills and business insights with you through live sessions.
Our main value is accessible knowledge. That’s why we provide online workshops that address these unpredictable times when conventional ways of learning fail.
We’d like designers to be up to date and confident about their projects, that’s why we’ve established a learning platform that employs a hands-on approach with in-depth discussion and provides guidance every step of the way.
Our team members have several years of experience in university education and have decided to translate this practice into a contemporary form of knowledge sharing.
Our aim is to facilitate the building of a wide designer network that will enable each member to hone his or her skills in the future.
We are a team from Ljudje, a strategic design studio based in Ljubljana, Slovenia. 

Team members
Wwworkshop is created by Ljudje, a strategic design studio based in Ljubljana, Slovenia. We create impactful brands, campaigns and products with business partners across the globe.
Miha Artnak
Founder &  Creative Director
Miha held several design courses, workshops and lectures and is three time Brumen Grand Prix recipient.
Emil Kozole
Founder & Art Director
Emil is graphic design assistant professor at the University of Ljubljana and is two time Brumen Grand Prix recipient.
Vladimir Mićković
Founder & Brand Consultant
Vladimir was a mentor on the Faculty of Design and Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering and is two time Brumen Grand Prix recipient.
Tamara Lašič Jurković
Tamara is an industrial designer, researching and developing design approaches to tackle social and environmental issues.
Urška Stariha
Urška is a graphic designer focusing on digital experiences. She is interested in design as a tool to assist life problems and has proven that with developing a mobile application for people with reading difficulties.