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Whether you want to excel your career or empower your whole team, we got you covered.
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We base our methods on what works best
First, we create room for everyone to have a say, then we do our best to encourage walking the talk through practical exercises.
We offer demonstrations, insights, discussions, teamwork, peer review, and professional feedback that one-way communication on webinars and online videos just can’t deliver.
*How much we actually remember after 24 hours
We go small-scale so you can go big

6-10 students
We work in small groups because we believe in peer learning.
2-hour sessions
We meet each week for two hours, and work on assignments in between.
What's your palette? Browse through the current selection of inspiring topics and book your favourite before it’s gone!
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Type Hype
Expand your knowledge about the newest practices in the universe of typography. Learn how typography can be used in branding, coding, and addressing socio-political issues.
with Emil Kozole
Graphic designer, typographer and art director. His work was featured in Wired, Vice, Business Insider and more.
Coming Soon
Brand with Charisma
Learn how to create a comprehensive brand strategy that utilizes all methods of communication to boost brand recognition in a crowded market.
with Vladimir Mićković
Designer, writer & brand consultant with 10+ years of international experience in identity design & development.
Already Finished
Editorial Photography
Learn how to make intriguing images using different photographic techniques, creating a unique set design, and changing the context of a photographed object.
with Klemen Ilovar
Photographer and artist known for his strong conceptual approach to photography.
Already Finished
Design Basics
Get familiar with the foundations of visual communication, uncover the mysteries of the creative process, and become confident in implementing your ideas.
with Miha Artnak
Designer, creative director, illustrator, and artist known for a strong conceptual approach to his work with more than 15 years of experience working in the creative industry.
Want to book a workshop for the whole team?
Strong creative teams are constantly learning and always in the know. Not only do we provide a variety of creative topics to choose from, we also have a lot of experience in educating design teams that work in companies, start-ups and agencies. We’ll empower your team with the most up-to-date approaches, methods and tools for boosting creativity and optimizing a whole range of design processes.
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Tailored to your specific
requirements and goals
Simultaneous progression
and mutual support
Improved group dynamics
through collaborative learning
Need to solve a specific problem?
Ask the expert
Planning a design sprint?
Stuck in the middle of a creative process?
Need help in making a decision?
Our team of experts in the field of design, programming, marketing and business has you covered.
Why we prefer workshops over regular lectures and courses
Personal experience
You're in good hands with our experienced tutors who always lead by example. They're here to follow your progress and provide detailed constructive feedback.
Learn by doing
Everyone can watch Youtube tutorials but not many online courses will encourage you to work on practical projects and experience the design process from ideation to finalization.
Peer learning
We believe peer learning is as important as learning from a tutor, which is why we encourage collaboration and peer reviews in all of our workshops.
Team work
As a professional creative, you’ll often find yourself working in teams and - trust us when we say - it won’t always be easy. Our group assignments will help you become a better team player.
What our students say about us
I was impressed by Miha’s mentorship. He isn’t only a helpful and generous design teacher but also an amazing person willing to share real-life insights with his students. At Wwworkshop I broadened my teamwork skills, which turned out to be very useful for my studies andmy future in general.

—Liza, 22
The best part of Wwworkshop was the chance to get insights about the profession from a design expert. Teamwork taught me new ways of approaching the problem by observing other peoples’ thought processes about the task at hand.

—Andraž, 25
Design Basics prepared me for the entrance exam at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design. I got a chance to meet a lot of cool people and grow my circle of design friends.

—Hana, 20
At Design Basics I learned how to approach the design process, which used to be intuitional for me. Now I’m finally able to grapple with different project phases.

—Ana, 25
At Wwworkshop I worked through my fear of sharing my ideas and participating in the work process. I learned how to accept as well as provide constructive feedback on projects and saw how much that acknowledgment can improve the end result.

—Maja, 23
Work that we do
We try to answer as much as possible

How do I know if the workshop is suitable for me?


If you check out any of the available workshops on the site, you’ll see who it’s suitable for in the description. If you’re still not sure, you’re welcome to send us an email with an explanation of your competencies and needs and we’ll advise you accordingly.

What if I can’t attend a session?


If you can’t attend a session, we’ll send you a recording of it so you won’t miss anything. You’ll be able to see what your colleagues were doing in session and what you have to do for your assignment.

I’m a student. Do I get a discount?


If you’re a student send us an email to with a copy of your valid student ID and we’ll send you a discount code as well as special student offers.

How much time should I set aside to participate in the workshop each week?


In the description of each workshop, you’ll find an estimate of how much independent work is required. Just keep in mind that everyone learns at their own pace so whether you’re a quick learner or used to taking things slow and steady, you might want to take or add a few hours accordingly.

Where will I be informed about the ongoing workshop?


As soon as you book a workshop, we’ll send you an email with all the necessary details. You’ll also be invited to our Slack community where you can keep tabs on the ongoing workshop activities.

Why we love
what we do <3
We believe online education should facilitate two-way learning and motivate students to complete courses. Our workshops provide hands-on collaborative learning under the supervision of experienced creatives. Whether you’re at the very beginning of your creative path or an established designer with years of experience under your belt, we’re here to equip you with the tools, skills and expertise to help you start creating for tomorrow.

Wwworkshop is an online learning platform for creative workshops, created by Studio Ljudje, which is working in the field of design strategies with a strong focus on design education.

Our members have spent several years teaching at the University of Ljubljana  while holding numerous design workshops at the studio.